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زندگی نامه: Our History
Jiande Sinfine powder metallurgy factory
Renamed Jiande Welfine Technology Co., Ltd
Our Factory
The original Jiande Sinfine Powder Metallurgy Factory. Located in economically developed HangZhou Jiande city, established in 2001, In December 2015: Established Jiande Wel Fine Import & Export Co., LTD.
Sinfine has a self-built workshop of 5000 square meters, the annual production capacity of 500 tons.
Technical departments of existing senior engineers, technicians, quality inspectors’ senior technical advisor, we are serving various industries at a pace of producing a number of new items each day.
With our own automatic hydraulic machines, automatic mechanical pressers, vacuum furnaces, high-precision EDM machines, Lathe,melting copper furnace,CNC Maching equipments, grinders etc.
Preponderant products: self-lubricating bearings, sintered gear,other mechanical structure parts & the steel base copper alloy bushing, the steel casting copper collar, steel copper composite bushing, guide set of billet.
Quanlity control: universal testing machine, tensile testing machine, hardness equipment, density equipment, metalloscope, optics image instrument, spectrograph,etc.
ISO9001:2000 quality management system certified by IQNet and CQC.
All self-lubricating bearings offered by Wel fine have long conformed to international standards of chemical and physical
properties, such ASTM, JIS, DIN, MPIF, SAE, GB…
Our Product
Oil bearing bushing,powder metallurgy bearing bushing,bronze、iron bearing busing
Product Application
Forklift, power tools, printers, vacuum cleaners, electric fans, etc.
Our Certificate
Production Equipment
Hydraulic press, shaping machine, cleaning machine, lathe, inspection equipment.
Production Market
Asia, Europe and AmericaMetal Bearings